Mariko Tsuchiyama is a designer and maker of handmade jewellery. After she worked for several jewellery artists,at Rosita Bonita in England and Marc Monzo in Spain, she launched her own collection. Her jewellery has been shown at the shops and galleries in Japan, U.K, Germany and Hong Kong.

ジュエリーデザイナー、メーカー。Marc Monzó、Rosita Bonita に制作アシスタントとして従事した後、自身のジュエリーラインを立ち上げる。イギリス、日本のワークショップで制作している。

All pieces are handcrafted by Mariko Tsuchiyama, She uses pearls cultured in farms from her home town of Nagasaki, Japan, Tahiti and South Asia.