Sweet wine

夜中に思い立ち、Parisから電車で4時間、フランス大西洋側の La Rochelle 。自転車に乗って小さい街をぐるぐる。見逃さない、古くて小さな白熱灯で灯りを取るCaveに出会った。The Guignette Verteという甘くて美味しいお酒。安くて誰でも気楽に飲める店。海沿いにいると実感。

I decided to go to the  little town the night before with a friend of mine, to La Rochelle in the west of France.  No plan as usual with me.

The seasides give me fine bars (not snobbish one) and great wine all the time. Cycling around there, then I was hooked by this brilliant bar.  No ways not to go there. 




Mariko TsuchiyamaComment